Stefania Grasso  |  Italy

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Stefania Grasso was born in Vercelli Italy in 1977. She is an Italian biologist specialized in Microbiology. She started to photograph in 1990. In 2006 among 1172 photographers she won the 4th price in a nature competition in Valle d’Aosta.

Her favourite themes are travel photography, nature, landscapes and arts with photos of churches and monuments. She has gained some prices in contests related to nature and arts and several covers for rewievs, Markos but also, N-photography, Photography Masterclass, Landscape Photography magazine.

Some of her portfolios have been selected by CNN and National Geographics Italia. In July a book Himmelblau published in Germany and Scotland will contain other her pictures of Cervino with clouds. Recently some her pictures of mountain donkeys have been mentioned as editor choice for National Geographics.

She is available for travel reportages, events and portraitures. Last december she gained the honored place at the contest Navidad in Colombia as the artist of the year.




    1.The snow leader, Photography 1200x798 pix,   2.Thinking, Photography 1200x798 pix,    3.Loving, Photography 1200x798 pix,    4.Smiling, Photography 1200x798 pix,    5.Winter portrait, Photography 1200x798 pix,  6.Young portrait, Photography 1200x798 pix,   7.Black fashion, Photography 1200x798 pix,   8.On the snow, Photography 1200x798 pix,   9.Winter couple, Photography 1200x798 pix,  10.At the window, Photography 1200x798 pix,  11.The man in black, Photography 1200x798 pix,  12.The snow fashion, Photography 1200x798 pix,

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This portfolio deals with fashion portraiture on the snow with a series of images captured in Valtournenche - Italy mainly with Nikon D70s 55-200mm Nikkor lens. It is a digital camera particularly adapted for portraitures. The originality of this reportages stays in the white background of the snow and the models: young people, all great friends, happy faces, proud of their place, and me too. Their names are Adele with Filippo, her dog, Luca and Chantal, one of the most nice administrators.