2008 - 2009




Country: The Netherlands  
Greet Weitenberg

    1.Bridge  virtreous glass orange gold smalti sptectrum glass and china 15x15 cm. In the serie War I made little carpets Bridge is about all different opinions people have looking in opposite directions The bridge is trying to bring people together crossing a floating river filled with blood and sad memories But we all have to find a way to live together in this world we all have to find a bridge to bring us together    2.Foodfight  iron soldier foodpan virtreous glass mirror china 20x10x3 cm. soldiers War is either about religion oil borders or about food.... This work is about soldiers defending their food    3.In the serie War I made little carpets Journey virtreous glass millefiori china 15x15 cm. Journey is about the last journey people took They left their houses stayed in baraks and ended up in an anonimous graveyard    4.Railway virtreous glass millefiori china smalti gold smalti 15x15 cm. Railway is about how people were being transported In a train through beautifull nature with forrests not knowing where the railway would end....     5.Also in the serie War there is Ladybird military helmet virtreous glass china red hearts red ladybirds 20x20x15 cm. One thinks that one is protected by a military helmet but the real protection is love and respect for eachother no mather what....    6.And also in the serie War there is Friendly Fire gun virtreous glass crosses mirror pearls millefiori 50x10x4 cm. No more fights about religion or other disagreements give eachother flowers instead of grief...     







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