2008 - 2009




Country: Norway  
Jette van der Lende

    1.you're either for us or against us, 2007 oil on canvas 70x105 cm.    2.Wrong use does not preclude proper use, 2008 oil on canvas 70x105 cm. (SOLD)   3.A sword is never a killer, it's a tool in the killer's hands, 2008 oil on canvas 70x105 cm.      4.Who benefits?, 2008 oil on canvas 70x105 cm. (SOLD)  5.Liberty of speaking, 2008 oil on canvas 70x105 cm.    6.God givs us the nuts, but does not crack them for us, 2008 oil on canvas 70x105 cm.    7.He who lives on illusions, die of disappointment, 2009 oil on canvas 70x105 cm. 



My wish is that you stop and feel that I have invited you into a space that makes the time unimportant. My wish is that you will take some of that feeling with you, that some of the thoughts will be there. My wish is that you want to see the symbolism I so carefully have tried to master into my paintings. The motives are important. I carefully select the items that can replace my thoughts. Then I try to find a light that makes my “portrait” live and interesting. Now I give them my full attention, give them a scene to be seen on. Not every item I paint has ever had that opportunity. Through the mirror you can see the items in another way, and the symbolic idea becomes stronger. I am a slow painter that loves to work the color into the canvas, I don’t like shortcuts. Since I paint realism it is important to me that you can see the painting is painted. I try hard to give the items soul before perfection. I leave a bit of myself in the painting; make it human, with faults and uniqueness. Paintings by Jette van der Lende: Whispers in an empty amphitheater (2007).




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