2008 - 2009




Country: USA  
Karen LeCocq

    1.Graceful Awakening, 2007 wood rusted tin acrylic paint 37x52x10 in. us$ 2200    2.Awakening Awareness, 2007 wood rusted tin bovine fish and bird bones pottery shards copier images acrylic medium and paint 48x50x10 in. us$ 2500    3.Roving Ovaries, 1994  natural fibers organic matter hemp rope 27x9x17 in. us$ 900     4.The Zen of Being Wonderful A Shrine To Childhood Innocence, 2003  wood rusted steel gold leaf hemp rope bovine teeth dried pods children's thongs copper wire reed mat acrylic paint 8x21x8 in. nfs    5.scroll II, 2006  bamboo, wood rusted steel acrylic paint 19x38x5 in. us$ 2200    6.Brush Stroke, 1996 Masonite jute rope wood bamboo acrylic paint 96x56x5 in. us$ 2500 







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