Country: Great Britain  
Nathan Khan

    1.A Breath of Fresh Air, November 2008 oil on canvas 24x36 in. /61x92 cm.   2.Animal Lamina, February 2008 gouache on canvas 29x40 in. /75x100 cm.   3.Editorial, October 2008 oil on canvas 24x36 in. /61x92 cm.   4.Lost View, January 2008 acrylic on canvas 24x29 in. /61x75 cm..   5.Structural, January 2009 oil on canvas 26x40 in. /67x102 cm.   6.The Fabric of Music, September 2008 oil & acrylic on canvas 48x60 in. /122x153 cm.



When painting, inspiration comes from my natural instincts and is never a scripted idea. My work is produced from an epiphany of thoughts, which are further developed through improvisation. This method tends to open my mind subconsciously, examples of this can be seen in my work, one of which is my mental struggle with the wider environment.

At times it is very important to delivery a sense of unknown and not give it all away, as this can create debate and further stimulate the mind into undiscovered territories.

I do take references from the fashion industry and the female form, which tends to be reflected by my natural style of intricacy and a deep intertwining use of shapes.





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