2008 - 2009




Country: Canada  
Paul Shier

    1.Thundering Silence, Started 2001 Completed 2004 Hand Carved Soapstone Rockmanite 21x20x19 in. us$ 28,000 (not for sale) resides in the main entrance of Bellevue Hospital New York City   2.The Guardian, Completed 2006 Carved Canadian Marble 5x3x16 ft. Not for Sale stands in the Memorial Park in Tweed Ontario    3.A Canadianís Vision, Completed 2007 Carved Soapstone Rockmanite 21x21x19 in. us$ 20,000 was created in memory of my mother Marge Shier     4.The Power of Words, Completed 2007 Carved Canadian Marble 15x12.5x6.5 in. us$ 10,000    5.Broken Dreams, Completed 2007 Carved Canadian Marble 32x14.5x10.5 in. us$ 15,000    6.The Gift, Completed 2000 Hand Carved Cedar 7í8x24x22 in. us$ 6000 







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