2008 - 2009




Country: USA  
Steven Brownell

    1.Black Swans, March 9 2007 Acrylic on canvas 38 3/8x50   in. US$ 1500   2.Shark King, May 8 2005 Acrylic on canvas 35x23 in. US$ 1000   3.Forest Hatch April 25 2004 Acrylic on canvas 78 x59 in. US$ 2000   4.Klong Plu Waterfall, August 12 2003 Acrylic on canvas 57 x42 1/8 in. US$2000   5.Garden of Eden, Nov 23 2000 Acrylic on canvas  43 x55 1/8 in. US$ 2000   6.Crab Over Shipwreck, September 17 1999 Acrylic on canvas 27 x35 1/8 in. US$ 500 



The Technique is a procedure or steps:
To start with, the colors to be applied are predetermined so that the colors are harmonious with each other and put into separate containers. I try to stick with the three main color groups of red, yellow, and blue or the secondary colors, orange, green, and purple or a combination of both. In addition, a container of white is always used. So, three or four different colors are used along with the white. Then the colors are brushed on the canvas, concentrating on the application of the brush stroke and the feeling of the colors being used. To enhance those feelings I blindfold myself and shuffle the containers so that I dont know the order of the colors that will be applied. The next step is to stand back and see if any image has emerged. If not the procedure is repeated until one is observed. After that, the image is then brought out and clarified using the same premixed colors. The painting title is based on the particular image which has emerged.This technique applies to 5 of the 6 paintings, but not number 4 Klong Plu Waterfall.





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