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Country: New Zealand  
Jennifer Phillips

    1.Please sir can I have some more, digital art    2.Blood red from pure white, digital art    3.Highway Enveloped, digital art    4.The Lolly Tree, digital art

My art has been labeled super-realistic, neo-realistic, metaphysical and surrealistic. I like showing unusual juxtapositioning of things that elaborate an idea or words.I like creating visual parables, word and image puns. Like M. C. Escher I see patterns of shapes and enjoy showing similarities in objects such as the way a hill and a curling ribbon are painted. I like the homophonic nature of some words such as currents/currants and the imagery they trigger. I like exploring the words that trigger shapes and shapes that trigger words, such as "a bold hold" and "word mould/mold" and how the roots of a tree are moulded by objects in the environment, which in turn are moulded by the roots. For me making an art work is a like a journey. Sometimes I begin with a completed image in my mind and have all the required skills to execute it. Sometimes I start with a small kernel of an idea or a desire to draw a particular object, which requires the gathering of information, research and the learning of new skills such as finding out how the light affects the color, shape of the object. Sometimes my art develops from doodling with the tools such as pencil or paintDigital Art To begin with I took photos and manipulated them using the computer software tools and mouse like an artistís brush to add highlights, shadows, shapes, colour and distortions. Now I no longer need the photo but can use the mouse to draw the images.
Some of my digital art looks like a photo but I have created it using software that allows settings for shapes and colours to be manipulated and photos and images to be added as overlays to Terrains that I create. I use Photoshop, 3ds Max, Terra Painter, and Terragen to create 2d and 3d environments.






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