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Country: Italy  
Stefano Fanara

    1.PRIMO CHAKRA N°1, 1998 Mixed Media ob paper 70x100 cm., Collection “Meditation e Art", Euro 2400    2.PRIMO CHAKRA N°2, 1998 Mixed Media ob paper 70x100 cm., Collection “Meditation e Art", Euro 2400    3.Untitled, 2003 Oil on Canvas, diameter 125 cm., Collection “La presenza della Ragione” Euro 3500    4.PRIMO CHAKRA N°3, 1998 Mixed Media on paper 70x100 cm., Collection “Meditation e Art", Euro 2400





   3.    4.
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From a very early age an innate creative force led him to experiment with the potential in different expressive mediums. Instead of playing with his young peers, he was infused by an irrepressible urge to "meddle" with any surface or support, cutting or drawing with a wide range of tools: nails, pencils, colours, chalk, charcoal or anything else on rigid surfaces or sheets of paper, an unconscious will of self-affirmation. This formed the basis for his first timid and still insecure pieces of work that did however indicate a precise, harsh style and a marked sensitivity to chromatisms. This characteristic was to accompany the artist's work even in adulthood. In 1989 he moved to Modena where he began working as a primary school teacher. "Working" with children was no random choice as they provide him with energy and stimulation with their spontaneity and expressive freedom that has not yet been tainted by the awareness of reality gained in adulthood.
After later moving to Bologna, he gained important experience in theatre, dance and particularly in the Zen disciplines that gave him a new direction and a new philosophy. His paintings from this period reflect a greater refinement of the sign and colour that still keep their impetuosity. Works that are more reflective and meditated or, rather, a more reflective, meditated attitude that aims to capture imperceptible emotional threads, signs and languages of the inner world.
His current creative process features an apparent dystonic duality: the search for a pictorial synthesis and language and, at the same time, the thorough saturation of the surface. The necessity to, almost surgically, extrapolate fragments of life in order to then transpose them and dilate them to a wide scope within his own experience; the urgency to abandon himself to his instinctual origins in search of age-old matrixes and possible equilibriums between nature and reason. These two tendencies converge precisely by being so different from each other and enter into a highly effective symbiosis that speaks of men and his contradictions.
Stefano Fanara lives and works in Bologna. He has a degree in Pedagogy from the Literature and Philosophy faculty and is specialised in Special Pedagogy for teaching disabled children.