1. medial Global Art Annual
   30.06.05     30.06.06


Country: Australia  
Jennifer Kathleen Phillips

    1.silver lining, Computer Generated Art   2.lily in the valley, Computer Generated Art   3.crowned, Computer Generated Art   4.tunnel vision 5, Computer Generated Art






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As a child I loved making images. I moved to Australia from New Zealand when I was 13 and the landscape made a deep impression on me. While in Australia I was recognized and honoured as a youth leader, promising writer and a gifted artist, achieving the highest possible marks for the state Art exams. I won prizes, had my work published, and was an energetic Girl Guide leader. I spent much of my spare time in reading all the art books in the library, making art works, swimming and athletic training, becoming an Australian state champion athlete.  At the age of 17 I returned to New Zealand where I completed 3 years at the Palmerston North Teachers College majoring in Art and Maths and completed a third of a degree at the same time. In 1977 I married and 5 years later our first child was born. I left teaching and worked from home on a range of projects while rearing 3 children and recovering from 4 miscarriages and car accidents. These projects included completing a degree in Education (graduating in the top 5%), a certificate course in Lay Preaching, and starting and supervising a licensed preschool. I wrote songs and poems, made art works and screen printed items, published 4 books and jointly owned and operated a printing business, bought and maintained rental properties and was on a number of voluntary committees and in 1995 taught art as well as screen-printing and guitar. In 2000 I emigrated to Australia where I am still teaching IT. In 2003 as well as teaching, I completed an IT Diploma in multimedia integration and became president of the ACT branch of the Australian Federation of University Women. In 2004 I published my 5th book, began two certificate courses and made my first piece of digital Art.